Decorating for Christmas with Ornaments and Homewares

Decorating for Christmas

I love this time of year!! :D Maybe not so much back when I was in Retail as Christmas was EVERYWHERE >>months in advance<< and I’d get sick of it and all the christmas carols playing on repeat etc. So it’s refreshing to actually get to enjoy all the festive decorations and everything properly :)

Luckily most of my home decor is already RED as it’s one of my favourite colours so all I really needed to do was add in a few christmassy touches and VOILA! Home is now very merry and festive and I love it!

I made a little video which first off started as just a tree putting up stop motion style with my mini manequin, as I saw a really cool video recently of storm trooper figurines putting up a tree and it inspired me. Then I also decided to go through some of my decorating ideas for christmas and talk to you about where I got most of my decorations and homewares from :) Hope you like it! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and share it with others. I know I’ve mostly done the “creative” category in the past, this is a bit more in “lifestyle” but I do hope to add to my “food” videos as most of you know i love my food and hopefully some “fashion” and “beauty” ones also. More in terms of products I’m loving, not makeup tutorials (which I love to watch but don’t think I’m as brave as those doing them!) My brain is bursting with ideas but again it all depends on the time I get.

Anyways here is the video:


Oh and I also I forgot to mention in the video that I still have the twinkle fairy lights on my balcony but they’re continuously up so I completely forgot to even mention those hahaha They’re just plain blue so good for year round. I also put a few of the mini baubles on my mini lucky bamboo that’s at the kitchen window :)

How else do you decorate for Christmas? Have you found any cute quirky ornaments anywhere recently? Let me know in the comments..

Agie xo

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