5 Ways To Calendar Display

2016 Calendar A4 A5 Display

I thought it would be fun to show my 5 Ways to Calendar Display as a video :) It’s part gallery part crafty tutorial and I really enjoyed making this. The main ideas I share are:

  • Pinboard – you can use colour coded dots or ticks to mark goals/habits/commitments
  • Planner Diary – add to your daily planner for a monthly/yearly overview
  • Frame – use as a whiteboard if you have an ever changing schedule or just for something different, you can use a plain or fancy frame
  • Wall hanging – get it wire bound at a print shop with a hanging attachment
  • Fridge – could have a seperate copy as a meal planner/tracker etc

You can also use some of these formats for:

  • Kids rooms – assignments due, sporting events etc
  • Christmas Gifts – colour it in to give a personalised gift

I loved filming the video for this and my favourite has to be the A5 Diary Planner option although I do love my pinboard ones too :D Plus the hanging ones will make amazing gifts :) Some of these options would be great ideas for general colouring pages also! Sorry if my voice is still a bit scratchy in parts, I recently got over horrible sinusitis.. although its still every slightly lingering. Anyways I hope this gives you some fun ideas! Watch here:

PLEASE be aware that the calendar artwork is still COPYRIGHTED to me, and distributing any blank copies of my file is strictly prohibited. That being said, you may print it for all your immediate family and kids to enjoy as much as you like, or give coloured versions out as gifts. I have seen too much copyright infingement online and it makes me sad. Please respect the artist :)

Please check out my previous post about my 2016 Colouring Calendar if you would like to purchase a copy :)

Also see my original post with the FREE 2015 December Christmas printable and also a bunch of progress pics and planning for this 2016 one.

Thank you and enjoy!! :)

Agie xo

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