Pencil Blending Tips for Beginners | Speed Colouring

Pencil Blending Speed Colouring

Sami Sparrow’s Emporium of Colour & Delight is a really great adult colouring book especially for beginners or if you’re wanting to test out different colouring techniques. It’s especially great to destress without the need to pick out particular colours as you would for nature or animal images, as this book is a kaleidoscope of shapes and positive messages and affirmations.

I initially was going to keep this as just a speed colouring video which is always fun, but i wanted to thrown in some basic pencil blending tips for beginners as well as another pastel background demo! I am really loving my Daiso pastels as you can tell from my previous few colouring related videos haha

Watch it here:

I hope I answered some of your Qs, if you have any more then please let me know in the comments :) I’m about to be moving towards the end of Jan so I may not reply as promptly as I usually do, so please keep that in mind too :p Moving preparations actually inspired the choosing of this image hehehe :D

See you all next time and thanks again for watching! Please click on the ‘thumbs up’ in YouTube if you enjoyed this one :)

Agie xo


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2 thoughts on “Pencil Blending Tips for Beginners | Speed Colouring

  1. Name of pads you used to apply the pastels & where you can buy them, pls.
    Thx for the video & your tips on how to apply the pastels.

    1. Hi Cleo,
      They were just from the makeup section of my local Daiso. Any similar cotton pads would work :)

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