Marco Raffine fine art 72 colored pencils

Free PDF Printable Marco Raffine Swatch Template

Hi everyone! I’m here to show you all the awesome colours in the new pencils I purchased off of eBay :)

They took a couple of weeks to get to me from overseas but for around $30AU (including postage) it was worth it for the amount and variety of colours and a smooth application comparable to high end pencils that sell for hundreds of dollars. They are oil based so their smoothness may differ depending on what climate you’re from eg. here in Australia where it’s hot, they glide on easily onto my paper.. but that is just my theory. Have a look online as prices do vary. It’s always good to shop around :)

Watch this quick 1min video featuring the unboxing, a mini review and colour swatches using my free template.

Print out your free A4 printable colour chart template here.

I’m really happy with these pencils! I already used them on my free adult colouring printable. Check it out here!

Do you like colouring as a form of relaxation? What are your favourite colouring supplies to use? Let me know in the comments below..

Agie :)

26 thoughts on “Marco Raffine fine art 72 colored pencils

  1. They look great and so do your free printable but my samsung tablet wont do pdf let me know when you put a book out. Thank you.

  2. I only just received my set last week and I love them!
    So many colours and they seem to work really well, I have only completed one pic with them so far and am after a pencil roll big enough to store them all in :)

    1. I’ve seen some pretty awesome pencil rolls made by some of the ladies on the Facebook colouring groups. Might be available on eBay or Etsy also :)

    2. Ebay has pencil rolls that hold 72 pencils. I purchased on for my set of Marco pencils and cant wait til it comes. Good prices also.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the free template. I just received my marco raffines. I have yet to like it as I just started using them. They arrived with some of the leads broken. I hope its not broken inside too. Any tips?

    1. You’re welcome :) I had mine arrive with a few broken tips also but since sharpening I haven’t had any problems. I have heard of people leaving them out in the sun or even microwaving for a few seconds to soften/fix any internal breaks but I have never tried this myself. Would probably be best to google this first and see what the majority of people would do :)

  4. Hello Agie Thank you for the free template found it after I made my own which is close to yours but I didn’t make the cute pencils. The only thing was I didn’t get #550 or 565 but I have 2 # 563’s but I love all the different choices I have and the price was right, I probably wont miss them. Any hints on how to blend these pencils I am also using prismacolors but only have the 24 ct so I am very limited with color choices but can create many different colors with blending with mineral oil

    1. No worries :) Yeah it’s still such a great choice of colours! I’ve only blended them into each other layering the colours but I did recently purchase a White Prismacolours pencil (as they unfortunately were out of the colourless blender one) but I haven’t tested that out properly yet. I had tried out a bit of baby oil as well but it was on a printable as I think it would be too messy to use in a book. Oh and I also recently purchased an odourless solvent to try with those paper blending stubs but haven’t had a chance to test that out yet either. Still learning as I go too :)

  5. I just received a 72 pencil set of Marco Raffines. It came with a pencil roll, but I’m not happy with it. The roll is made of poor quality materials and is barely big enough to hold the pencils. The pencil points must be pushed all the way into the fold of the fabric for the contraption to fold. I suspect the points get broken frequently. I ordered the pencils from Amazon and I think there was a pencil roll sold separately on the same page as the pencils. I don’t know how many pencils it holds or what it’s made of, but it might be worth checking..Happy coloring!

    1. I’ve had my eye on those pencil rolls also but more so the ones people have been making themselves.. Maybe I’ll give it a go and try and make my own :) Hope you’re loving the pencils though! They’re still my favourites, although I don’t own the super expensive ones to compare haha

  6. HELP! I am new in the newly popular coloring world. I have the 72 Marco Raffine set. I am trying to figure out the charts for different color shades, and hues. All I’ve found is for the number listing.

    1. Hi :) Unfortunately all that came with these were the numbers engraved on them. Once you have coloured in the chart though its easier to see what colours will work well together. If you google ‘colour wheel’ this can also help. I also have a new container they stand in that is divided in 4. So i have all the creams and yellows together, all the pinks/reds purples together, greens and blues together and then all the darks. Other people use pencil rolls which is probably faster to find the colour from the chart. Hope that helps :)

  7. I got this same set of Marcos but they’re quite scratchy to colour with. Grating on nerves as it would when you run a fingernail down a chalk oard. Lol. Any tips on how to get them flowing smoothly, as most people say they do? I’m going to try sharpening them, then try to colour with them again. Guess we’ll see. But, if this is not normal, pls advise so i can return them & order another set, hopefully not scratchy ones. I had a friend come over to try them & they said the same thing….too scratchy to work with. Disappointing, to say the least. I’d heard such great things about these pencils, i was anxious to order them to try them out.
    Thank you for the video & the template.
    Cleo Fraser

    1. I’m not sure why that is? Could be a bad batch but could also be a climate thing. Everyone that got them here in Australia where it’s a very hot climate, said they were always smooth which is what convinced me to try them. This might be because they are oil based so if you’re in a cooler area they might become a bit harder to work with maybe?

  8. Re Raffine color pencils: Thanks for swatch chart but I would like to have colors compared to the corresponding numbers on the pencils. Is that available anywhere?

    1. You’re welcome :) I’m not quite sure what you mean? Isn’t that how you use the chart? I just use my coloured in chart to see what the colours looks like on paper and then I find that numbered pencil when I want to use a certain colour on the numbered chart.

  9. Hi Agie.
    Jan has a very good question. We know they don’t show the names, just the numbers, therefore her question. If they are going to show just the numbers, then why don’t they publish a name list that would be easy to find on the internet? I’ve been searching for one but so far no such luck. I would find this very helpful and I’m sure others would as well.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi KC, I’m not sure why they didn’t print a name list on these pencils. I guess it differs between different brands etc. Everyone always does things differently. I still personally find it easy enough just looking at my coloured in chart, seeing which colour I want to use and then and finding the corresponding numbered pencil.

  10. I believe it could be due to international marketing issues, particularly manufacturers in China. They prefer to use numbers instead of colour names which they think would have to be in multiple languages. I have seen some sets with colour names in English, French and one other, that I can not recall, as well as the number.

  11. Hope this helps all who are looking for the names. I found it on Amazon:

    White; Sand; Lemon Yellow; Yellow; Chrome Yellow; Tangerine; Orange; Vermillion; Scarlet; Red; Coral Red; Geranium Red; Carmine; Hot Pink; Rose; Pink; Salmon; Blush; Flesh; Cream Yellow; Lavender; Lilac; Hydrangea Pink; Magenta; Claret; Maroon; Red Violet; Violet; Purple; Prussian Blue; Ultramarine; Cobalt Blue; Smyrna Blue; Blue; Kingfisher Blue; Light Blue; Grass Blue; Cerulean Blue; Turquoise Green; Jade; Brilliant Green; Viridian; Peppermint; Grass Green; Green; Emerald; Olive Green; Moss Green; Teal Green; Yellow Green; Lime Green; Mustard; Light Ochre; Ochre; Burnt Ochre; Brown Ochre; Bark; Burnt Sienna; Brown; Red Brown; Brick Red; Vandyke Brown; Dark Chocolate; Silver Grey; Light Grey; Warm Grey; Blue Grey; Dark Grey; Slate Grey; Black; Gold; Silver

    Smiles, marli

  12. I’m guessing they don’t use names due to the language situation – but it’s a bit annoying if you are one of the 2.7 million in the world who are colourblind and could do with an assist :) Derwent Pencils come with the names on the pencil but they cost more.

  13. I’ve had the Raffines for over year. Theg’re smooth, hard to break, sharpen well and hold a poimt for a long time. I’ve seen a number/color name chart but the names don’t seem to correspond to the color pencil color on the page. They don’t blend with a colorless blender or with orderless minersl spirits so question their being either wax or oil based. Simple layering seems the way to go. Marco makes two other more expensive sets (beyond me). Marco Renoir is oil based like FC Polychromos. The third set is Marco Renoir Aquarelle ie. watercolor. I’ve seen these used beautifully with Derwent Inktense pencils on YouTube. I hope this info helps somebody out there and thanks for the link to the swatch chart. Happy coloring!

  14. Hi Agie
    I have just bought the set of 72 Raffine Marco pencils from Amazon UK. I paid a fiver more for my set as they come in a sturdy tin which has the colour, colour name and corresponding number on the lid.
    There are 2 layers of pencils and the top layer lifts out easily for putting on the table. The plastic itself is quite flimsy but does the job. I put the top layer onto the inside of the lid so it is al together, but if you wanted to see what the name of the colour was you would need to close the lid up.
    Someone on Etsey has done up a colour chart with names and numbers so you can always print one off if needed.
    I also use Staedtler Ergosoft crayons and Faber-Castell polychromos pencils for colouring as well all of which give a slightly different texture. I have an Inspire Journaling Bible and these all work well on the pages, even though they are very thin. Hope this helps!

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