How to Fix Watercolour Pencils with Pastels

Watercolour Pastel Poppies

While making this poppy flower artwork for Remembrance Day I had a bit of a blooper moment using the Aldi watercolours.. but it was easy enough to fix by blending in some Daiso pastels. Pastels are soooo simple to use.. almost foolproof! :) Plus I love the way the coloured sunset turned out! :D

Check out the video:

I love the final result :D

Watercolour Pastel Poppies
Watercolour Pastel Poppies

Have you tried this combo before? What mediums do you like to mix? Let me know in the comments..

Free COLOUR CHART & Aldi Haul info here

The butterfly colouring page I downloaded from here.

Agie xo

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