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I love love love this book so much! Animorphia by Kerby Rosanes :)
I used the $2.80 boxes of pastels from Daiso. Cotton puffs from Daiso also (seen my haul?). The technique is similar to what I did in my watercolour/pastels video. This shows how you can add more life to your colouring book with an easy way to fill any background :) Just build up the layers lightly and slowly. As the rule goes.. it’s always easy to add more than to remove.

Check out my pastel demo video of page 2/3 of Animorphia, plus there are work in progress pics below that on how I did the initial colouring and what I used :) Enjoy!

I decided to do the different colour groups at at time to somehow balance out the image plus there is a lot going on so this was just my method of colouring :) I would start with the pens and do a mixture of outlines or completely colouring a section in. Then I would go over the top with the pencils to add more definition and depth with shading.

Animorphia WIP work in progress
Animorphia WIP work in progress

The pastels I left till last because I wasn’t sure if pens or pencils would go over the top of them properly plus it might get messy. So I lightly went over the blank background areas in layers till I built up the pigmentation that I wanted. It stuck to the background well when I pressed it in but it didn’t really affect any coloured pen or pencil areas that I may have gone over. I was very happy with the way these worked :) I also sprayed it with the fixative in order to seal it all I and protect the artwork from smudging and page transfer.

Animorphia pastels pens pencils
Animorphia pastels pens pencils

I had also used the same techniques on the first page from the book :)
Check out a mini review of the pencils I used here.

Haven’t used pastels for backgrounds before? Have a try, it’s easier than you think, and let me know how you go in the comments..

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