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December 2016 Draft

Hi everyone,

It’s been so long since I’ve made a blog post. I’ve missed this. I can’t wait till we have internet so I can have the freedom to post as much as I like or browse online as much as I used to. Yes that’s right, still no internet. Only a few days ago it was exactly 10 months since we moved into this new block of units and we are still limited to mobile data! It’s crazy! We could have moved like our neighbours but that seemed like more of a hassle haha.. thinking “oh it won’t take much longer” and “hopefully there will be an update soon”… wow were we wrong.

I still don’t believe it myself but that’s what happens when body corp hire dodgy developers that don’t put in the proper cabling for phone lines and don’t submit paperwork to Telstra to put in cabling from the street side before their tenants actually move in. Plus we have the most stupid bimbo property managers that don’t know wtf is going on and after so much back and forth all you get is 3months of mobile data allowance from the developers who later on disappear altogether and the delays continue and bimbos are like “maybe you should try a different internet provider” and we’re like “wtf.. as we already said, we can’t even get internet as theres no cabling to the MDF!!” Seriously how do all these incompetent people even get their jobs in the first place OMG. *breathes deeply* I don’t understand. So much craziness.

Luckily the internet company I was with previously has been super helpful lately, trying to get updates on the wholesale delays, and fiiiiiinally the phone line was confirmed ready on Friday (after body corp ordered the garage cement to be cut up to replace incorrect cabling and Telstra did their thing on the street.. all within a matter of days!)Finally some success! Now to wait another 1-3 business days for the internet part. Yes even if you’re after “Naked ADSL” where you don’t pay for a phone line, one is still required. 10 months!!! We could have had a baby in this time haha! What a wait… has anyone ever waited this long for such a thing??

I’m so excited to soon have internet freedom!! No more worrying about topping up mobile data. It’s insane how much I’ve had to restrict myself from the simple things I once enjoyed due to the cost of it. Things that everyone who regularly uses the internet takes for granted. Previously I had been on about 200Gb/month at $60/month. The mobile equivalent, if you research all the offers, works out to over $1000 for that same amount of Gb. Yes that’s three 0’s at the end there! Crazy. So yes it’s been tough, more than for someone who isn’t online as often, but I have survived.

So as it’s nearly December (how fast has this year gone!!!) I would like to celebrate by offering my 2016 December Colouring Calendar printable! This is from the Calendar I made last year for my pin-board but you can also stick it on your fridge or in a planner.. wherever. Use it for planning your month of events or meal planning or habit tracking etc. :D You may send it out to family, colour it all or just the text, share it online etc but pretty please use this page link so people know where it came from :)

I’m also hoping to relaunch my original 2016 designs onto a 2017 version (edit: now available here) as it was so well received the first time. The calendar was so much fun to make but as it’s very graphics intensive, it did take me a long time to complete. I was mostly hand drawn and then the finishing parts on the computer. Unfortunately with working full-time this year and certain events that have happened, I just haven’t had time to create anything new let alone colour. Although I have been getting back into Colouring lately as it’s very stress relieving, and there has been quite a bit of stress lately. If you follow me on Instagram you may already know.

So a bit more about my Colouring Calendar if you’re new here… (or browse instagram #designbyagie)
2017 Calendar designs will be the same as my 2016 version below:
Monthly themes ranging from typical to popular to random derived from all around the world.
Jan – floral, zentangle, random
Feb – Valentines, love hearts, flowers
Mar – Easter, Palm Sunday, St Patrics Day
Apr – forest, garden, mushrooms, leaves, creatures
May – Mothers Day, florals, birds, bees
Jun – royal, casino, cards, chess
Jul – under the sea
Aug – colouring, back to school
Sep – Fathers Day manly
Oct – Halloween
Nov – Fashions on the Field, Remembrance Day poppies
Dec – Christmas

2016 progress shots:

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Ok well here’s what you came here for.. your FREE December 2016 Christmas Calendar Printable in PDF format:
PDF- FREE 2016 December Christmas Colouring Calendar

Enjoy!! :D I would love to see your coloured versions! Use the hashtag #designbyagie so I can find it in public posts and also check out the PDF for details on how to enter my giveaway to win my complete 2017 printable Colouring Calendar! Or purchase the 2017 Calendar here.

Agie :)

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