How to Extend any Manicure – SNS / Gel / Acrylic / Nail Polish

Extend Your Manicure

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a while but I’ve had this week off work, so a bit of free time to get my creative juices flowing and have fun with some video editing, in-between random road trips etc :)

I had SNS nails done twice in the past 2 months, initially for a friends wedding, and both times instead of getting them re-done or removed after 2 weeks, I decided to extend their wear by “filling in the gap” myself :) Saves money and also the perfectly fine tips that stay strong, shiny and chip free. My nails would usually break after a while as I only ever used regular nail polish although I did have success with Jamberry wraps which I might go back to at some stage but SNS nails have surprised me in the best way.

SNS nails are a dip powder system and end up so strong and long wearing plus a lot healthier than getting gel or acrylics as they’re infused with vitamins and calcium so make your nails grow longer too. They are odourless and also don’t require UV light to set. Magic!

I hate the little gap that appears when nails grow out so I like to camouflage it with nail polish and make it look intentional like nail art! The first time I did this I ended up filing down the growing out edges first but this time I didn’t need to as the nail technician did a great job getting the “slope” nearest the nail cuticles looking gradual the first time.

Check out my YouTube demo on how I extend my manicure below:

Loving the result! Have you tried SNS nails before or made your manicure last longer in other ways?

Any other Qs relating to these? Let me know in the comments..

Agie xo

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